With Their Own Cupcakes, Cookbooks & Culinary Magazines, Men Become a Target for Tupperware


Yet another sign that guys are the new pet demographic for marketers peddling food-related goods and services: Tupperware will throw a publicity event tomorrow dubbed Kitchen Aphrodisiac with New Orleans Saints player Reggie Bush and hunky actor Peter Facinelli. Per the Times, the two men will be taught how to prepare a meal with just food, Tupperware, and a microwave oven. For additional manly appeal, Tupperware put Stuart O’Keefe, a handsome chef from the forthcoming Food Network series Private Chefs of Beverly Hills, on the cover of its latest catalog.

But, is Tupperware really hopping on the dude bandwagon, shifting their focus from the ladies whose parties made the brand so successful in the first place? CEO Rick Goings says no. Sure, products like the Quick Chef, which chops food using a cranking mechanism, will hopefully appeal to those less at ease in the kitchen — and may even inspire men to pitch in. But Goings says that targeting men is just a ruse to get to women: “Someone said to me years ago, to catch a moose, you have to first catch moose bait. And if you want to target women, the best way is to also go after men.”

Besides, he adds, “Women want to see sexy guys.”

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