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Alex Chilton, Big Star Singer: Memorialized in House of Representatives Floor Speech?


It’s true. In the event that you’ve ever wanted to know what the House of Representatives do all day, now you can: Sit around and talk about Big Star’s singer-songwriter Alex Chilton. Kinda like us, actually.

Chilton, who died of a heart attack last night, will unearth every music fan you never really thought of as a music fan. Rep. Steve Cohen (D) of Tennessee, is one of these people.

Cohen memorialized Chilton on the floor with a nice, one-minute speech, which he opened by quoting a song by Chilton’s teenage act The Box Tops, and continued to rattle off stats about Big Star’s success. It was fairly astute and concise, but also, strangely out of place? Anyway, you can watch the entire thing. It’s impressive in its bizarre context, and also, surprising sweetness.


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