Five Best Pieces of Food Art on Etsy


Etsy might be a little precious, but it’s also a trove of affordable, unusual gift ideas, some of them food-related. Before you know it, you’ve bought a pair of mushroom earrings from a woman in Singapore, and felt sushi from a crafty girl in Chicago. Click through to see our five favorite food gifts, available on Etsy now.

The Fish Wrestler, an original collage by Vivienne Strauss. ($35)

Sushi Slippers, made by Sushibooties. ($28)

Gulf oysters and the fixings necklace, by Dirtroadsouth. ($14)

Full English breakfast cuff links, made by Sarahmaloney. ($38)

Avocado three-string guitar, made by Celentanowoodworks. ($195)


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