Man With Straw in Ass Storms Gay Bar Scene


Things get a little dullish at the boites sometimes, so on Tuesday night, at an East Village place called Urge, I was thrilled to spot a guy sitting at the bar with his butt crack brazenly sticking out like a business card.

I chatted the guy up–how could you resist such a creature?–and found that he’s an Israeli flight attendant who’s indeed a bottom, as you probably would have guessed from the exposed valley of decision.

Generously enough, I alerted him to the open crack situation and he either didn’t understand or perhaps he wanted it to be like that.

So I not only let it be, I URGED my friend Jack Hazan to grab a straw off the bar and insert it into the guy’s ass as sort of a festive thermometer/swizzle stick.

And he didn’t feel a thing! For hours! For all I know he still doesn’t know the straw’s up there!

He even stood up at the bar for a second, allowing Jack to take a photo of this daring butt accessory! After I URGED him to, of course.

Would you want this kind of person to be your flight attendant?

I would.

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