Nurse That Post-St. Patrick’s Day Queasiness at Laurent Tourondel’s Pop-Up Food Truck


Not feeling so hot this morning? Nothing chases away a hangover like a stiff drink and greasy meal. Get your fill of at least one of these today at a pop-up food truck manned by Laurent Tourondel, now just of BLT Market. Tabasco has teamed up with Tourondel for its Tabasco Hangover Headquarters, which will be serving a free hangover-friendly menu of double smoked bacon pizzettas, classic sirloin sliders, and corned beef hash egg sandwiches. Unfortunately, the Marys will be Virgins, so you’ll have to sneak your own hooch if you want yours spiked.

The truck will be on the south side of 48th Street and Fifth Avenue from 7 to 9:30 a.m. and adjacent the Charging Bull sculpture on the east side of Broadway at noon.


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