The Pioneer Woman May be Headed to the Multiplex


Scarcely seven months since Julie and Julia hit screens and convinced legions of food bloggers that they too could turn their recipes for tuna fish casserole and cocktails made with Big Macs into solid gold, it looks like another of their ilk is set to get the big-screen treatment.

Deadline New York is reporting that Columbia Pictures has just bought the rights to The Pioneer Woman, a cooking/lifestyle blog created by Ree Drummond to detail her transformation from “spoiled city girl to domestic country wife.” The studio may turn it into a romantic comedy vehicle for Reese Witherspoon, who more or less did this drill before in Sweet Home Alabama. The film will reportedly “explore the fantasy of trading big city living for a wholesome simpler life,” though there doesn’t seem to be anything that simple about running what is basically a lifestyle cottage industry out of one’s own home.

[Via Serious Eats]


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