Tonight! Joanna Newsom, Scissor Sisters, King Missile, BAM’s Opera Festival, and Nautical Almanac


Tonight, Joanna Newsom spares you her baby/grandma coos — her first New York outing in support of her new triple album, Have One on Me, is sold out at Town Hall, as is the Scissor Sisters show at Bowery Ballroom. So with the two biggest concerts of the night beyond reach, and with all those fancy Nancys at SXSW, you are left some interesting alternatives. Namely, King Missile (responsible for insta-classics “Detachable Penis” and “Jesus Was Way Cool”) at Le Poisson Rouge or opera at the self-explanatory BAM Opera Festival. The latter is the start of a 16-day event, featuring The Fairy Queen, a/k/a a particularly “obscure and bizarre” rendition of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Baroque cabaret (why not?) will also take place at BAMcafe. And if you wish to revel in random absurdities, see Nautical Almanac at Coco66, per the recommendation of Christopher R. Weingarten: Apparently, the band is “renowned for their Pee-Wee’s Playhouse vibe of various circuit-bent squeakers, colorful toys, hand-cut records, recontexualized junk, and squawking inventions suffered a house fire in 2006.” Pee-Wee’s Playhouse, sans Pee-Wee? Count us in.

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