Arkansas Senator Wants to Ban All Junk Food in Schools; Restaurants Praise the Text Coupon


Despite the advent of smart-phone apps, enhanced mobile websites, and scannable 2-D bar codes, restaurateurs find that simple text coupons can be efficient and successful. [Nation’s Restaurant News]

Americans are developing a more sophisticated palate for cheese, according to experts, which can be attributed to food TV and travel abroad. [ABC News]

The latest proposed food ban comes from an Arkansas senator who is calling for an all-out ban on selling junk food in schools. [Reuters]

In case you haven’t seen Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, here’s a recap: The town hates him and he’s not too fond of an old “git” on the local radio either. [NY Post]

Gwyneth Paltrow has been singing the praises of fried chicken in her latest Goop newsletter, which she’s eating plenty of during the shooting of a movie in Nashville. [People]

Kirstie Alley is tweeting up a seething storm about Hollywood Reporter‘s Roger Friedman’s attack on her new Organic Liaison weight-loss system and its ties to Scientology. [Page Six]

Organic food may have peaked. The startling growth levels of recent years have settled down, leaving organics in a niche space at mainstream retailers. [Reuters]


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