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Bebe Neuwirth Irked at Nathan Lane! Dame Edna Probably Not Thrilled With Michael Feinstein!


It’s “Be mad at your Broadway costar” day.

First off, The Addams Family’s divine BEBE NEUWIRTH is reportedly irked that her role in the show has been trimmed a bit and the new director’s pal, NATHAN LANE, seems to be walking away with the whole thing.

And conversely, I bet DAME EDNA isn’t exactly exploding with delight that most of the reviews of “All About Me” said HER costar, MICHAEL FEINSTEIN, doesn’t really fit into the onstage equation very comfortably, especially as a “straight man,” ba dum pum.

I bet their fake rivalry will soon turn into a real one and Edna can call Bebe to commiserate: “Aren’t our costars the worst, possum?”

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