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City Has $$ for Computer Consultants, Not for Firehouses: Daily News


Daily News columnist Juan Gonzalez has a new chapter in his ongoing series on the kind of waste in government that somehow flies below the radar when Team Bloomberg goes looking to cut the budget.

Today’s episode reveals that the city is paying $3.5 million a year to outside computer consultants who are constantly re-jiggering a form of GPS tracking installed in the city’s 1300 ambulances and fire trucks.

Most of the money goes to hotshot computer whizzes from Hewlett Packard, which provided the system. Two of HP’s finest billed the city more than $400,000 last year.

Fire Department officials told Gonzalez these high-priced nerds are worth every nickel. Gonzalez counters that the money could otherwise pay for at least two of the fire companies that Team Bloomberg insists need to be closed due to the budget crisis.


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