DIY Dim Sum: The Lazy, Cheap Way


Speaking of dim sum, we recently stumbled upon the best selection of frozen, ready-to-steam dumplings we’ve ever seen.

At Fei Long Supemarket (6301 Eighth Avenue, Brooklyn), where you can also grab pig uterus, two very long refrigerators are dedicated to frozen dumplings of all kinds. And these aren’t your everyday pork-and-leek pot-stickers. No, they’re elaborate creations, some hand-made, stuffed with all sorts of good things. And none are over about $3.50 for a large package.

In the picture, the three-pronged dumpling displays tiny nubs of shitake mushroom, carrot, and sweet potato, and inside is a juicy shrimp-and-fish filling. To the left is shu mai, the shrimp dumpling with an eggy wrapper, and on either side are two kinds of har gow, the wonderful, translucent shrimp dumplings. The one on the left is in the shape of a rose.

The dumpling at top left is vegetarian, stuffed with shepherd’s purse, a verdant, earthy green that’s popular in Shanghai. In fact, these dumplings were hand-made in Shanghai, and have the delicate skins and flavorful innards to prove it.


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