Obviously Fake Beyoncé Story Exposed As Total Fake


When the bizarre “transcript” of an interview Beyoncé was alleged to have done with a German magazine called NEON circulated a few days back, the natural assumption was to just assume the whole thing was a hoax, or lost in translation, or never happened in the first place. But it did happen! In the sense that there is a German magazine called NEON, and they really did print a story that had the notoriously private and robotic Beyoncé summarizing her domestic life with Jay-Z by saying “I want to sit around at home, also times in a tracksuit pants. He assumes and believes that women even wear high heels just to go to the bathroom” and alluding to a multi-million dollar pre-nup between her and Jay. Skeptical? You’re right! Blame a man named Ingo Mocek:

Above is the embarrassed apologia on NEON letterhead, which is being sent around right now by Beyoncé’s label for maximum record correction and humiliation. “Ingo Mocek was not able to verify certain statements, particularly regarding a marriage contract of Ms. Knowles,” it seems. And those who were planning on putting the following incoherent exchange on their yearbook page will have to find a more poignant quote:

Interviewer: Is your life easier since you are multimillionaire?

Beyonce: The fear of the student, have no future, being dependent on her boyfriend, objectively weigh heavier than the fears that torment me. Only music from subjective feeling arises – and subjective fears, many musicians have lost. We feel pain and depression, just like other people. What separates us, is perhaps the price of butter. But all that is essential, I feel like every hard working woman.

Except perhaps that most working women aren’t victimized by bizarre hoaxes in the foreign press. Other than that, yeah–butter.

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