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Served on rye with mustard and sauerkraut, Katz’s knoblewurst packs a megaton wallop of garlic.

Sausages originated as a way to preserve meats past their “expire by” dates sometime during human pre-history, and turned out to be the best way to hide animal parts that we didn’t necessarily want to look at. Nearly every culinary culture has them, with a flavoring scheme best suited to the tastes of their respective cuisines: The English have their pallid bangers; the French their garlicky saucisson; the Chinese their sticky-sweet links, redolent of star anise; the South Americans their chorizo (and chourico), laced with wine; the Thais their sour sausage; the Germans their doughty wursts; the Balkans their cevapis — the list goes on and on.

Cevapcici are Balkan skinless sausages, made with a knockout combination of beef, lamb, and pork at Rudar Soccer Club.

We’ve scoured the landscape for the best examples of this diverse foodstuff, and left no stone unturned in our quest for tube-steak deliciousness. The only limitation we imposed upon ourselves was that all the sausages must be served in a restaurant, so, sadly, we had to omit Faicco’s brilliant soppressata — we’ll save store-bought examples for a future list.

Please examine our list critically, and let us know the sausages we’ve missed — we’ll add them to the Readers’ Recommendations page.

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At Chao Thai, Isaan sour sausage comes accompanied by garlic cloves and shards of fresh ginger.


Merguez, Wechsler’s Currywurst (120 First Avenue, 212- 228-1170); Loukanika, Athena Express (484 77th Street, Brooklyn, 718-7482077); Cacciatorino, Salumeria Rosi (283 Amsterdam Avenue, 212-877-4800); Pickle dog, Bark Hot Dogs (474 Bergen Street, Brooklyn, 718-789-1939); Knockwurst, Lederhosen (39 Grove Street, 212-206-7691); Merguez, Watty & Meg (248 Court Street, Brooklyn, 718-643-0007); Chorizo, Galicia (4083 Broadway, 212-568-0168); Cevapi, Ukus (42-08 30th Avenue, Queens, 718-267-8587); Blood sausage, El Almacen (557 Driggs Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-218-7284); Souse, Cock’s (806 Nostrand Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-771-8933); Emmentaler sausage, Cafe Katja (79 Orchard Street, 212-219-9545); Loukanika, Ovelia Psistaria (34-01 30th Avenue, Queens, 718-721-7217); Spicy redneck, Crif Dogs (113 Saint Marks Place, 212-614-2728); Frankfurter, Boulevard Drinks (48 Journal Concourse Square West, Jersey City, NJ, 201-656-1855); Chourico, Sol-Mar (267 Ferry Street, Newark, NJ, 973-344-3041); Sage breakfast sausage, La Bonbonniere (28 Eighth Avenue, (212-741-9266)

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What a brilliant idea! Motorino thrusts mortadella into its wood-burning oven.

Numbers 6 through 10

10. Bratwurst, Killmeyer’s (4256 Arthur Kill Road, Staten Island, 718-984-1202)
9. Frankfurter, Nathan’s Famous (1310 Surf Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-946-2202)
8. Wood-roasted mortadella, Motorino (319 Graham Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-599-8899)
7. Chourico, O Lavrador (138-40 101 Avenue, Queens, 718-526-1526)
6. Kielbasa, Happy End (924 Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-383-9862)

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The beef sausage at Hill Country Barbecue is manufactured at the fabled Kreuz Market in Lockhart, Texas, and then long-smoked on the premises.

The Top 5

5. Isaan sour sausage, Chao Thai ((85-03 Whitney Avenue, Queens, 718-424-4999)
4. Knoblewurst, Katz’s Delicatessen (205 East Houston Street, 212-254-2246)
3. Cevapcici, Rudar Soccer Club (34-01 45th Street, Queens, 718-786-5833)
2. Kreuz Market sausage, Hill Country Barbecue (30 West 26th Street, 212-255-4544)
1. Boudin blanc, The Vanderbilt (570 Vanderbilt Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-623-0570)

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Sage-flavored pork breakfast sausage at La Bonbonniere

Readers’ Recommendations

Chorizo con Sidre, Despana (408 Broome Street, 212-219-5050)
Wylie Dog, PDT (113 Saint Marks Place, 212-614-0386)
Blood sausage, Karczma (136 Greenpoint Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-349-1744)

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