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Posts of the Week


‘Tis Friday. Thus, ’tis time to look back on the best posts of the last 120 hours:

We ranked Our 10 Best Sausages.

Kunafa is like the Middle East’s version of a cheese Danish, and can be found in Bay Ridge.

Donatella Arpaia confirmed her cooking show and suggested she might replace Michael Psilakis with herself.

Amanda Cohen talked about the new spring menu at Dirt Candy, diners who photograph their food, and the limits of her Lost fixation.

Parents and students held a protest against the Department of Education’s new bake sale ban.

Brooklyn gets more Fujianese food with Liang Ma Seafood Restaurant.

Fat Pants Friday hoovered up honey cake from Bee Desserts.

Amity Hall’s John Keogh talked beer, Jaeger bombs, and being Irish on St. Patrick’s Day.

Taco Bell’s new Pacific Shrimp Taco has cilantro, a tidal wave of mayo, and very, very small shrimp.

Now that they’ve got their own cookbooks and cupcakes, men are a target for Tupperware.

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, Battle of the Dishes pitted Guinness pours from Molly’s Shebeen and Swift’s Hibernian against one another.

A dim sum renaissance is upon us.

This week’s Great Barbecues of Texas visits City Market in Luling.

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