The Caveman Diet Has Spawned a Caveman Bakery


Here’s yet more proof that there is no dietary fad too small to be exploited by a would-be entrepreneur, especially if it’s been covered by the Times: An ex-lawyer has just launched the Caveman Bakery, an online cookie dispensary inspired by the Caveman Diet.

Although the diet, which relies largely on quantities of meat and anything that can be picked off a bush, wouldn’t seem to leave much room for baked goods, that hasn’t prevented Stephanie Lester from marketing her cookies as caveman-friendly. Per her press release, Lester, the aforementioned ex-lawyer, “first learned about the Caveman Diet from a college friend, and now follows it for its various health benefits.” Her business’ orange-hued website proclaims, “Here at the Caveman Bakery, we’re passionate about all-natural foods, with ingredients that you can actually pronounce, and which your great, great, great, great ancestors could have enjoyed with you!”

Given that our great, great, great, great ancestors most likely lacked convection ovens, let alone the almond flour that’s included among the cookies’ ingredients, that claim seems a bit dubious. The label “high quality Paleolithic baked treats” also is problematic, though perhaps only if you find the terms “gluten-free” and “all-natural” — which the cookies also claim to be — too 2009.

Oxymoronic descriptors and anachronistic snack foods may seem to be at odds with facts pertaining to the Stone Age, but within the context of the more recent history of the marketing industry, we’re forced to admit that they fit in rather seamlessly.

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