Week In Review: Rock ‘n’ Roll Is Here To Stay


My compatriots are either in Texas for SXSW or Mexico for MtyMx (reminder to Zach: Do not buy or sell drugs) at the moment, but it’s beautiful out in NYC right now so I am surprisingly not bitter about being left here to recap a week marred, unfortunately, by the death of power-pop god Alex Chilton. (Big Star, bolstered by some guest stars, are still heading to Texas.) Perhaps this interview with the little kid from Airplane! might cheer you up: Kareem Abdul Jabbar roughed him up pretty good apparently.

Before he left Zach found time to ether another misguided Jay-Z detractor and catch us up on this weeks’ winners and losers: Damon Dash has no money, Michael Jackson’s estate has a shitload, and Carnegie Hall gets more than Haiti, benefit notwithstanding. We chatted with a couple other Mexican bands playing MtyMx — XYX for an interview, and the Los Fancy Free for the glorious return (!) of Indie Cribz. Hipster narcs are antagonizing surreptitious smokers at nightclubs — including Snoop Dogg.

What else, what else… Our American Idol coverage continues with Sharyn Jackson and Tom Breihan. Yes in My Backyard snagged MP3s from Growing and Batillus. Free Energy played Letterman; Joanna Newsom played Town Hall. Ted Leo covered “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”; Raekown dropped by the (Australian) zoo. And NYC-rap anthem (and house favorite) “Beamer, Benz, or Bentley” got a dull video but a pretty good parody. We’re back Monday (most of us). Now go play outside.

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