Why People Twitter


Now that I’ve finally joined the twitterati kicking and screaming, I’ve found out why people do this thing all day.

It’s sometimes to send links and information–a noble gesture, though one wonders why people appoint themselves the unpaid info spreaders of the web through eternity.

For celebs, it’s usually to self-promote or to stroke other celebs.

And occasionally, it’s to send out wisdoms. (Yoko Ono says we should draw a window on our wall so it’ll remind us of the sunrise that makes us smile. I’d rather just blast through the wall and make a window.)

But for most people, I now realize, it’s a practice born out of sheer loneliness!

Why else would millions take the time to tweet stuff like “On line at the airport” or “Making carrot ginger soup and maybe some hash browns”?

Obviously it’s because they’re anxious to tell people every little thing they’re up to in hopes that the connection will validate them and make them feel less alone.

I’m not putting this process down, mind you. Like I said, I’ve just joined them.

Come and get my hash browns!