Guss’s Pickles Has Left Orchard Street; Mother in Law’s Kimchi Won’t Take Its Place


Oy gevalt! We knew it was coming, but that still didn’t quite prepare us for the news that Guss’ Pickles has officially up and left the Lower East Side. Bowery Boogie has noticed that the Orchard Street stall is now shuttered, complete with a sign notifying potential customers and unsuspecting tourists that the store — now known as Ess-a-Pickle — is now located in Borough Park, Brooklyn. True, the Pickle Guys are still more or less around the corner, but it just ain’t the same.

And the future of pickled vegetables at the Guss’ site is in doubt: although she was rumored to be taking over the storefront, Mother in Law’s Kimchi’s Lauryn Chun e-mailed us earlier this month to say that she will not be doing so. The space is too small for a full-service restaurant, or indeed, much of anything else, but hopefully won’t attract the interest of an HSBC or Chase intent on cramming a few more ATMs into the neighborhood.


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