Live Blogging Choice Eats 2010, Part 2


It’s now 6:42. The crowds are thickening, the music is getting louder, the men at the Tiffin Wallah table next door have turned into perpetual motion machines. Serving ladels go up and down, up and down like oil drills.

Stomach real estate is becoming an increasingly precious commodity. But one must soldier on.

6:20 p.m.

Rajbhog Sweets — dhokla, a savory chickpea cake. Dense, husky, restrained and quite delicious. Followed by kadavi, little bright yellow, pasta-like tubes made of chickpea flour. Plus a pistachio nut roll, sweet and bright orange with an olive-green core.

Someone has brought over more gravlax from Smorgas Chef. It hurts to say no, so we don’t.

No. 7’s imitation lobster comes in a translucent plastic box, looking like jewels on display, very sleek, almost coy, but the flavors are anything but. Imitation lobster shredded fine as vermicelli, paired with fat leaves of cilantro, toasted faro (or barley?), tiny tomatoes, and melon. Next to Tyler Kord, pastry chef Amanda Clarke was making serving buttermilk pudding, its light, ethereal texture complemented by a snappy twang.

A very large man with food down the front of his shirt just walked by. He looks like how we’re starting to feel.

Lots of people milling around with booze, which is a sign that things are right with, if not the world, then at least with Choice Eats.

7:11 p.m.

Xi’an Famous Food’s cold noodles with wheat gluten. Cold, slippery, lip-burning things of carborific beauty.

Dave Cook from Eating In Translation is in the house. A nicer man in the food blogosphere you will not find.


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