Live Blogging Choice Eats, Round 3


7:42 p.m.

Trio of women standing at the Fork in the Road table eating sliders from Purple Yam. Another woman sips a beer and eats some of the Tiffin Wallah spread, which looks bountiful, stomach-filling, and quite wonderful.

Crowd is large but not out of control. People wander around with happy, slightly comatose expressions, though whether that’s from the food or booze is hard to say. Long lines next door at Tiffin Wallah; the owner’s cute little boy is running around, playing with one of the swag bags they’ve been handing out. He’ll no doubt be disappointed to discover it contains only a toothbrush and floss….

MGMT is playing over the speakers. People seem to be enjoying themselves.

8:09 p.m.

Apparently the entire middle aisle has been decimated: Amanda Cohen reports she ran out of food 45 minutes in, despite bringing 750 portions of her crostini — restaurants were asked to bring 500. The problem? The line into the building emptied out directly into the middle aisle, and the crowd swept through like locusts.

8:13 p.m.

Looks like Tiffin Wallah is also out of food, as are numerous other tables on this side of the room. Choice Eats 2010 may not be long for this world.

Now the guy at Tiffin Wallah is handing out gulab jamun on forks. The end is nigh.

It’s getting easier to see the floor, which is littered with fliers, napkins, and unidentifiable foodstuffs. The Armory is starting to look like a high school gym after a dance.


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