Live Blogging Choice Eats: The Visual Evidence, Part 1


At least someone found a place to eat in peace and quiet!

See Rebecca Marx’s live blogging prose coverage here, here, and here.

The luscious Haitian griot (pork confit) from Ambiance.

The Ambiance crew.

The packed northern corridor of the Choice Eats Festival III, held in the armory at Lexington Avenue and East 26th Street.

Cutting the barbecued ham at the Fette Sau booth.

Jerk chicken and festivale from Peppa’s Jerk Chicken (ask for the scotch bonnet jerk sauce).

Making Southeast Asian crepes at the Thai-Am Chili Basil Kitchen booth.

Wildman & Sons, distributors of Chartreus (the liquer after which the color is named).

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