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Michelle Obama Visits New York, Exhibits Watered-Down Cultural Tastes Yet Again


President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle have shown pretty decent taste whenever they visit our fair city. So why the hell’d they do this, of everything else there is to see in town?

Is it because the show they saw, Memphis, is about:

..a white DJ, Huey Calhoun, in 1950s segregated Tennesse; his love for a black singer, Felicia Powell, and the then underground sound that gave birth to rock and roll.

And Michelle Obama’s trying to symbolically bridge the cab between philistine hicks shouting racial slurs on Capital Hill while her husband tries to pass a bill enabling sick people said hicks don’t care about to get better? Or is it because…she has bad taste?

For example, the last time they were here for a date night, they hit up Dan Barber’s Blue Hill. Blue Hill’s not exactly an exotic choice, but not a lame one, either. They also hit up an August Wilson play. Wilson’s pretty timeless, as far as playwrights go; it’s not really a choice you can go wrong with no matter how shitty the production.

That said, the First Lady dropped into Gramercy Tavern for lunch last year, which you can’t have a bad meal at. Again, though, it’s not exactly a daring pick for a lunch spot. And now, Memphis.

This is a musical that:

They’re any number of better shows that’re appropriate for kids! The girls probably hated Memphis. Bottom line, Michelle Obama just shouldn’t be allowed to pick the New York outings. Sorry. It’s true.

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