More On Drake/The-Dream’s “Shut It Down”: “Lonely Bloggers All Over The Internet Are Aroused”


This young blogger gentlemen has an intriguing take on my new favorite song of all time: its status as a world-class “FTL” anthem, the charms of Dream shouting out TMZ, why certain “lonely blogger” types (ahem) have instantly gone nuts over it, and, most notably, whether this is a song for the ladies that, paradoxically, only guys will like:

But I also have this suspicion that maybe only dudes think this is sexy — at least among the hipsters (or grownup hipsters!) or just rhythm-less white people that are singing praises the loudest (online) about this kind of stuff. Can a woman help me out on this one? So now that I’m done slobbering, I want to be serious for a second: none of you pasty Brooklyn music bloggers are ever going to hop over to your iTunes in your boxer briefs, in the midst of a steamy make out session on your Ikea shit, and double-click on this sucker. Your girl will straight up laugh at you, I hope. Stick with Beach House, dude. Or maybe I’m just not grown & sexy?

Pasty? Beach House? IKEA? I’ll have you know I got a lot sun yesterday, Beach House is super boring, and making out on my coffee table is tremendously ill-advised.

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