Roast Beef With ‘Cheese’ at Ziggy’s in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn


All Whizzed out with no place to go: the roast beef with cheese at Ziggy’s.

Reinventing Arby’s with better ingredients my seem like reinventing the wheel, but that’s just what some canny restaurateur has done in Bay Ridge.

Ziggy’s Roast Beef is a new fast-food joint on Bay Ridge’s Third Avenue that specializes in sandwiches ($5.25) made with nice rare roast beef, cut into thin slices by machine. The rolls on the standard sandwich aren’t bad, either, crusty and lightweight. You might just stop there, except for an extra 50 cents you can get a smear of Cheez Whiz, which is either good or disgusting depending on your perspective.

For an extra dollar, you can have the same thing on a hero, making a fairly good approximation of a Philly cheese steak. Chicken sandwiches constructed along the same lines, Caesar salads, wraps, and Buffalo wings fill out the rather spare menu, and there are cheeseburgers, too. Hate Cheez Whiz? You can also select American, muenster, provolone, pepper jack, or mozzarella, though if you pick the latter, you may wish you had some brown gravy, too, since then you’d have a Brooklyn roast beef hero. There’s a garden out back, when warmer weather appears. 7720 Third Avenue, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, 718-833-8292

Roast beef with cheese sandwiches dispensed until 11 pm, except on Friday and Saturday, when Ziggy’s stays open till midnight.

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