Vivian Girls Played a “Nearly Acoustic” Set at SXSW, Thanks to the Austin Chill Wave


The biggest shocker of this year’s SXSW was that it was bitterly cold in Austin on Saturday. Seriously freezing, out of nowhere, 37 degrees. The kind of abnormal Texas temperature that had yours truly shamefully wearing legwarmers purchased off the street (?!?) because this year’s trip planning didn’t include pants. The kind of wind-swept arctic blast that was, as Vivian Girls drummer Ali put it appropriately, “totally chill wave.” And so after a morning of thunderstorms, Forcefield PR moved Ali’s band Saturday-afternoon show indoors, inside of Ms. Bea’s/Cheer Up Charlie’s where the trio played an acoustic stripped-down set in winter jackets–not exactly the sort of garb that’s made SXSW sojourns so famous. Video of the Vivs on Saturday doing “Wild Eyes” below, which without all the reverb, turned into a campfire jam. [On the Download/Boston Phoenix]

Vivian Girls – Wild Eyes from Boston Phoenix on Vimeo.


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