An Choi Will Expand, Probably Around the Beginning of May


Last night, we had the pleasure of meeting Eating in Translation’s Dave Cook, who in turn had the pleasure of trying An Choi’s banh mi and learning, in the process, that the owners are planning to expand their narrow storefront into the space next door.

Huy Bui, who owns the Orchard Street restaurant with his brother, Tuan, confirmed to Fork in the Road that plans for expansion are indeed in the works.

“I’m in there right now,” he said of the new space, which was formerly occupied by the Wall. “We signed the lease several days ago.”

He and his brother are hoping to finish their expansion “right around the beginning of May.” Because the space was already home to a restaurant, Bui says, they’ll be changing “mainly cosmetic details.” The space, he adds, “has a great basement. Functionally, it’s so much better for us, because we make a lot of our food in-house.” The menu will most likely not be expanding with the restaurant, with the possible exception of some small plates. But customers will have an easier time taking advantage of An Choi’s garden seating, which, in a satisfyingly ironic twist, is located directly behind the Wall’s former home.


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