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Another Tuesday, Another Election No One Will Vote In


It’s Tuesday, and these days in New York City, that means another special election. With runoff elections, resignations,
and the occasional expulsion from a legislative body, there have been quite a few in the past election season.

Today’s race is in the 44th City Council District, where Republican Ken Rice and Democrats David Greenfied and Joe Lazar are vying for the seat Simcha Felder vacated to take a job with Comptroller John Liu.

Each one of these special elections costs about $350 grand, according to Clyde Haberman, who notes of Felder: “A mere five days after being sworn into a new term, his third, Mr. Felder resigned to become a deputy city comptroller, with a salary nearly 50 percent higher than what he earned in the Council.” WNYC also reports that Greenfield and Lazar “raised enough money to qualify for close to $90,000 each in public matching funds.”

Last week’s special election in Queens, where just under 15,000 voters cast ballots, cost about $23.35 a vote to stage.

The 44th Council District, where today’s vote is, includes Borough Park, Midwood, and Bensonhurst.

Polls are open until 9 p.m.


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