I Owe Kelsey Grammer an Apology


I recently wondered aloud why staunch Republican Kelsey Grammer — who was a celebrity guest at Dubya’s inauguration — chose to play a lead role in Broadway’s upcoming revival of La Cage aux Folles, which is a musical celebration of all things gay, especially the central relationship between fussy but adorable queens.

Well, the Frasier star is interviewed in the new New York magazine, which describes him as — yes, it’s true — a Republican but also “pro liberty” and absolutely fine on gay marriage.

He’s OK with it!

Grammer is quoted as saying:

“Why is the government involved at all? If two men marry or two women marry, fine, go ahead–it’s not my issue. But when governments get involved, it just becomes more confusing.”

That’s even more enlightened than a whole lot of Democrats on the subject, so I should probably say, “Sorry, Kel.”

But Dubya’s inauguration???

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