Mile End to Add More Space, Hours


Noah Bernamoff had no intention of opening his Montreal-style Jewish deli, Mile End, just for breakfast and lunch. The plan was to be full service, open for dinner. In a as little as three or four weeks, he says, that might be the case.

“Business has been brisk,” admits the Montrealer. “Dinner service is just not possible right now. We’re looking for ways to expand our hours and the space. We’ve taken on a small warehouse in Gowanus. The building has refrigeration and a smoker… And ovens so that we can bake our own rye and other breads. (But not the bagels — those will still come from St. Viateur in Montreal.) We just needed more prep space.”

The place still sells out of its smoked meat regularly by 3 p.m. The bagels, smuggled into the country by friends, also sell out fast. Bernamoff wasn’t expecting Mile End to be so successful so fast, but he isn’t all that surprised. Smoked meat, after all, is delicious.

“I spend all day slicing the stuff, but when I go back home, all I want to do is go have a sandwich at Schwartz’s,” he says. Field trip, anyone?

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