My Movie Club Moves On Up to the St. Regis!


A couple of months ago, reps from the swanky St. Regis Hotel on Fifth Avenue asked for my favorite restaurants and neighborhoods for some promotion they were doing, promising a free, ritzy weekend there as a reward.

I was sure this was one of those large-scale scams, like when I almost went to Liberia to close a multi-million dollar financial transaction that would set me up for life.

But I dutifully answered the questions just in case.

And the result was that my movie club just had our regular session in a gorgeous suite at the St. Reeg!

It was gilded and lovely and the TV was much bigger than in my house–and it worked–and the chairs were plush and there were two bathrooms, so there was none of the usual cueing up outside the bowl.

And speaking of bowls, the hotel left me a wondrous batch of fruit! And a bottle of Alain Ducasse’s best champers!

It was all so magical it pained me to go back to my luxury co-op the next day!

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