Video: Barack Obama’s Health Care Speech Crashed by Childlike Lost White House Staffer


Remember that movie Labyrinth where David Bowie and a bunch of Muppets torture Jennifer Connelly with a giant maze and musical numbers? Apparently the White House is kinda like that.

Except, sadly, with fewer musical numbers. However! The place is definitely still maze-like craziness that you don’t want to get lost in, lest you walk right into one of the most important speeches in American history. Like one White House staffer did on Sunday afternoon when he strolled out in the middle of Barack Obama’s speech before the health care bill came to pass:

And when he turned back through the door, there was Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Boxer, being like, “THE POWER OF VOO-DOO!” “WHO DO?” “YOU DO!” etc. For the record, Press Secretary Robert Gibbs has denied looking like a lost child in a mall responsibility:

But we’ve sought him out for comment on who the actual culprit was.

We’ll let you know when we hear from The Goblin King or Press Secretary Robert Gibbs.

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