What Were The Biggest Recent Bombs du Cinema?


Glancing through some of the figures on, I found the following to be among the most loudly squawking turkeys of the modern age.

(Admittedly, these figures don’t include foreign grosses or possible DVD revenues, but they also don’t factor the enormous marketing costs into the budgets.)

*Nine. Made almost $20 million. Cost $80 million. Lost way more than nine bucks.

*The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus. Made $7,569,100. Cost 30 million. It was too imaginarium, I guess.

*The Road. Made $8,117,000. Cost $25 million. That’s a road to poverty, honey.

And some more current flicks:

*The Wolfman. Has taken in $61,792,000 so far. Cost $150 million. Growl.

*The Last Station. Has grossed $5,737,000. Cost $18 million. Ouch-a-ma-goucha, Mrs. Tolstoy.

Meanwhile, Green Zone also looks to be bleeding green, but it’s out there in a lot of theaters, so now’s your chance to by a ticket and keep it off the pity list!

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