American Idol Season 9: Live-Blogging the Top 11 Results


9:04pm. I’m contemplating life right now, and the course it takes when in one day you can go from interviewing Johnny Rotten to live-blogging about the 11 remaining contestants of American Idol snapping and lipsynching “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go.”

9:10pm. The Ford Music Video Shoot! Balloons, or balls in a fountain. My friend says, “I’m sure Crystal Bowersox is mortified by all of this.” But I don’t agree anymore, after seeing how starstruck she was getting Miley Cyrus to sign her guitarlast night.

9:12pm. Casey James tells a story that goes something like this: “I made a mistake in rehearsal. And then I corrected it.”

9:13pm. Katie Stevens says her dad can’t watch her and her brother in competition because he’s nervous. In the course of this, she admits her dad drinks, and her brother is also part of this creepy pageanty performing family thing.

9:14pm. Video footage of Michael Lynche with his baby strapped to his belly. Baby aside, is he getting bigger?

9:15pm. Results: Those who make it through tonight will be on the Idol tour this summer. Siobhan’s combover is still happening. She’s safe. Lee and Casey rise, and have to stay standing through Tim and Paige, which goes on for a good long time. Let the boys sit! Ryan sends Paige to the Bottom 3, and Tim follows. And Lee and Casey are still just standing there awkwardly, while we go to a commercial.

9:26pm. Miley Cyrus, going for her Lady Gaga moment, starts at the piano in The Last Song song, but ends up headbanging, or having a seizure, I’m not sure.

9:28pm. Miley tells Ryan she’s into Tim Urban and his knee-slide, and by extension, Zac Efron.

9:35pm. Ryan finally tells Lee and Casey they can sit down, they are safe. Aaron Kelly, too. I agree with Tom’s blog from yesterday, Aaron kind of was the best last night, tonsilitis and all. Though his performance didn’t hold a candle to the moment Ryan called Aaron David Archuleta. Best performance of the night by far.

9:36pm. Booing happens when Ryan calls up Didi Benami, who annoyingly defends herself about trying to do something different last night, like be a terrible performer I guess. Simon tells her something she couldn’t hear, but promises he’ll tell her later. She’s safe.

9:38pm. Michael Lynche safe. Crystal Bowersox (By the way, what’s with the rug?). Ryan: Kara said no guitar, Simon said guitar. Who do you listen to if you go through? Crystal: Me. Oh no! Crystal is stuck on tour with these fools! She’s safe.

9:40pm. Katie Stevens, who was compared to Dakota Fanning last night vs. Andrew Garcia, who Simon said sucked the soul out of his song. The last to join the Bottom 3 is actually Katie. Dakota Fanning comparisons never helped anyone.

9:42pm. That was fast. Katie is safe.

9:48pm. Kara makes sarcastic-face when Ryan announces the next act. Joe Jonas is in a shiny Adam Lambert suit, and Demi Lovato looks down like she’s reading the lyrics off of cue cards. Is this the diabetic Jonas? The duet is reaching a climax. Kiss her! Joe instead gives Demi a brotherly pat on the back. Joe then disses Tim Urban, whom he put through to Hollywood during his guest stint on auditions: “Guess it’s not going too well.”

9:54pm. Is anyone else looking forward to the News at 10? “Coyote on the Run” and “American Idol Crushes.”

9:54pm. The loser of the night is Paige Miles. The audience is subdued, seems confused. Before she even “sings for her life,” Simon tells her they are not going to utilize the judges’ save tonight. Does she still get to sing? In her final words, Paige references some major health problems that may have held her back. What is wrong with these people? They are the sickest bunch yet.

9:57pm. Still wondering what the farewell video song is. Finally, Paige sings for the last time on this show.

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