Boys Noize+Major Lazer


Oi Oi Oi, Alex “Boys Noize” Ridha’s 2007 full-length, was squarely of the humongous Q*Bert Justice beat. It pushed like a bright pink wedge against that year, scraped skin off skulls with squelch and teabagged the world with mirrorballs. There’s no effective way to perpetuate a trend that tried to redesign the ellipsis as only one dot, but Ridha seems to know that—there’s more melody on Power, his latest, but only as a setup for the Boys Noize brand of escapist electro bang and clang. This should suit a party called “Hard” just fine, as will Major Lazer, the Diplo/Switch collabo that’s just a supercharged goof of a thing, a dancehall burrito stuffed with tinfoil that tastes better than any energy drink ever. Even Coily can get down with this. With opening sets from Proxy (U.S. debut) and Destructo.

Sat., April 3, 8 p.m., 2010