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Coyote in Holland Tunnel: Didn’t Pay Toll


We’re told that the NYPD’s elite Emergency Services Unit has been called to the Manhattan side of the Holland Tunnel to chase down a coyote initially spotted in the tunnel.

According to the most recent report from the cops, the commuting coyote left the tunnel and was last seen on Varick Street. “It’s an ongoing job right now,” a police spokesman told us moment ago.

Coyote spottings in Manhattan have become somewhat more common, though rarely so close to Wall Street.

Last month, three coyotes were seen on the campus of Columbia University, prompting fears that the school had altered its admission standards. Later, another coyote was seen in Central Park.

Coyote expert Dr. Paul Curtis of Cornell told the New York Post that coyotes are coming to cities because they are being forced to seek out new territory.

“The peak of breeding is right around this time of year,” Curtis told the Post. “The young animals get kicked out of the home because their parents are preparing to breed.”

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