While the Obies don’t dole out awards for best drag number, there’s no denying that good drag requires a level of theatrics on par with Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals. Add to that the fact that many of New York’s best queens are formally trained in the theater, and it was only a matter of time before a group of them banded together to form a company. Last month, Shim Mamsir Productions debuted with a reading of Steel Magnolias, dubbed She’ll Be Dying because they didn’t have the rights. Tonight, the troupe—which includes Sweetie, Mimi Imfurst, Dallas DuBois, Bianca Del Rio, Bianca Leigh, and Lavinia Co-Op—reads Ballad of the Bad Bad Girls. Also a case of the no-rights, fake-title dilemma, we’re told this play has something to do with women in prison.

Wed., March 31, 8 p.m., 2010

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