Health Care Bill Helps Millions, Screws Over Tanners


Who would have thought passing the health care bill would directly affect how often the cast of MTV’s The Jersey Shore can get their glow on?

The money for $940 billion overhaul of the health care system has to come from somewhere, so why not tax the tanners, right? The plan adds a 10 percent tax for indoor tanning services when individuals head to the salon to slowly turn themselves orange. The initiative is expected to generate $2.7 billion over ten years.

Bring on the outrage!

Many tanning salon owners around New York City are pretty pissed off, citing that the “tanning tax” effective in July will negatively affect business. It already costs $15 to $20 to bake for 10 minutes at City Sun Tanning in Manhattan. Add on an extra 10 percent, and customers might just be willing to sit themselves in natural sunlight for a change.

Perhaps that’s a good thing: Some aren’t so quick to refer to the tanning tax as such. “It’s more like a melanoma tax, not the tanning tax,” says the Los Angeles Times. Yeah, those UV rays aren’t actually good for you, you know.

By any means necessary, Obama is going to get his money for health care. The plan is that by 2019, the dramatic overhaul is expected to have expanded health insurance coverage to 32 million people, according to a research report by UBS.

Let’s hope summer comes quickly, so that Mother Nature can tan us all naturally, and we can save up our pennies and hit Atlantic City.