Let’s Not Even Pretend That The Cover Of Das Racist’s Shut Up, Dude Isn’t Of Interest To Us


So there you have it. Way less nudity than I might have feared, it’s true. (And, as Zach points out, perhaps an inadvertent Jawbreaker reference.) Here also is a brief, also nudity-free promo clip for the long awaited Das Racist mixtape, which Sean Fennessey discusses at length for us in this week’s treatise on the joys and perils of “joke rap.” To wit:

Das Racist’s other songs are funny, too, but more complex. They also feature more actual rapping than “Taco Bell.” The group’s often hilarious, sometimes dark new mixtape, Shut Up, Dude, is a deeply self-conscious batch of word-association jumbles, references to other artists’ lyrics, and half-hearted hooks. They don’t so much rap as approximate rap’s best and worst tics. The chorus of “You Oughta Know,” a remix of an obscure, Billy Joel-sampling Cam’Ron song, is essentially “Ooo lalala aaaah nananana.” It sounds like what people who don’t know the words to rap songs do when trying to rap along. On “Hugo Chavez,” the pair rap, “A million here, a million there/Tougher than Ethiopian warfare/Mohair coat’s from the goat’s back/Cocaine Blunts, we smoke that/Kodak moments/Eating doughnuts/Listening to coke rap/Listening to joke rap/Listening to Donuts/Listening to grown-ups/Listening to Camu/Listening to Cam, too/Watching Shampoo/Washing my hair with shampoo.” To recap, in those few bars are references to a Lil Wayne lyric, a rap blog, a rap microtrend, a rap micro-microtrend, an album by the late J. Dilla, the late rapper Camu Tao, Cam’Ron, and a Warren Beatty film. Oh, and eating doughnuts. Well-played, Das Racist.

Maybe someday we’ll get a copy of this, LOL.

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