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Steve Levy Remembers to Forget His WFP Candidacy


Steve Levy, the newly hatched Republican gubernatorial candidate out of Suffolk County, keeps denying he was a candidate of the Working Families Party when he won reelection in 2007.

This is either a minor brain spasm, or some kind of Soviet-style rewriting-of-history-type deal.

He just got in the race, so let’s be charitable: brain spasm.

Whatever the cause, Levy somehow spoke these words to Brian Lehrer yesterday morning on WNYC: “Yes, I had not gotten their endorsement in the 2007 reelection. I think they thought I went a little too far in trying to hold the line on taxes, but that’s what the people of my area overwhelmingly wanted.”

As Newsday Spin Cycle watchdog Dan Janison (sorry, the column resides in a restricted online community) reports, this is clearly, unmistakably untrue. Official records of the Suffolk County Board of Elections show Levy took in exactly 4,560 votes on the WFP line that year. In a landslide not seen since Fidel Castro’s name was last on a ballot, Levy got 96.09 percent of the votes that year, which could be one good reason not to remember his paltry haul on the WFP’s line.

On the other hand — counter to the brain spasm argument — the press release that Levy handed out at his kick-off speech in Battery Park last Friday listed every party line Levy has run on — Democratic, Republican, Conservative, and Independence — but omitted the lefty WFP!

Conservative Party chairman Mike Long, who denied Levy his own endorsement last weekend, tells us this is par for the Levy course: “Unbelievable!” said Long just before getting on a plane to Syracuse this afternoon. “This just adds to what I said. I don’t know who the real Steve Levy is: the one who said he didn’t run on the WFP line, or the one who actually did run on the line.”

Hold on, this just in: Spasm wins!

“The line is kind of small, and it appears to have been an honest mistake,” explains Levy press spokesman Brendan Stanton. “He is not backing away. He is very proud to work for working families. Union people pay taxes too, and want government off their back.”

Pay taxes too?


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