Erstwhile Guns N’ Roses Bassist Duff McKagan Gets a Book Deal from Simon & Schuster, Slated for Fall 2011 Release


So our/my favorite guy on the planet, one of the few metal dudes to have evolved admirably into life after his most renowned association (unlike his more famous counterpart), just got a book deal from Simon & Schuster. He’s been angling for this a long while now, as he told us when he wrote for us last May, and we’re thrilled to see him finally get his due. McKagan announced this today on Reverb, the music blog of our sister paper Seattle Weekly, and in his post, he explains firmly that his book will not be the GN’R version of The Dirt.

This book is not a GN’R “tell-all” or some other such “rock” book. There are a lot of those at this point. Sure, I will touch on all of that, as it is part of my story, but only just a part of it. Rather, it will be a story of an ordinary guy who met with extraordinary circumstances, and the circumnavigation through these situations.


I WILL be writing this myself, thick or thin.

Which basically means, no ghost-writer, the book spine won’t read “Duff McKagan with” anybody else. THE ROCK GUY IS WRITING THIS HIMSELF AND HE WANTS YOU TO KNOW. Take that New York Times!


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