Is Prince Going in the Pockets of His Fans In Order to Pay His Delinquent Taxes?


Reports Pollstar this morning: “The Purple One recently turned up on a list of delinquent taxpayers. According to tax records for Carver County, Minn., the artist owes more than $227,000 for 2009 taxes to the state and other government entities.” That’s not all. Prince appears to be short on some of his other properties too: “A county taxpayer services manager estimated PRN Music and other properties owned by Prince owe about $450,000 in taxes.” No word from the diminutive pop star yet about his innocence or guilt.

But hold on, what a coincidence! It just so happens that an outcry broke out over at Prince’s online fan community early this AM as fans discovered their credit cards had been unceremoniously charged $77, presumably to extend membership in Prince’s Lotusflow3r subscription website, originally described by Spinner as “an intricate maze of worlds to delve into, all with ridiculous 3-D graphics” and early music exclusives. In the year since the site has launched, it’s offered hardly any new content after an early push. “I must admit I am surprised by the auto-renewal actually happening when the site has been left to effectively fizzle out,” wrote one angry commenter over at The two things couldn’t be related, could they? How many times does $77 go into $450,000 again? [h/t Maura!]

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