Kombucha Makes a Comeback; Mets Get More Fancy Foods


Mets fans are getting even more reasons to hang out in the Citi Field food court this season. Crab-cake sandwiches from Catch of the Day, Disco fries from Box Frites, and strawberry shakes from Shake Shack are among new menu items. And a McFadden’s Pub will open at street level.
[NY Times]

Bees continue to die in extraordinary numbers, and scientists still can’t figure out what is causing hive collapse. Now, our food supply is threatened due to lack of pollination.
[ABC News]

The Senate approved legislation that would create new standards for school lunches yesterday. $4.5 billion will be spent on nutrition programs over the next 10 years.

Restaurants are targeting snackers — including McDonald’s with its Snack Wraps, KFC with its Boneless Filet, and Wendy’s line of $3 Deluxe sandwich meals.
[Nation’s Restaurant News]

Kombucha, a drink of fermented tea, is gaining popularity once again among new-age hippies, despite warnings about health risks associated with drinking it.
[NY Times]


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