Megan Mullally Splits Broadway Show: Is She The New Jeremy Piven?


When Jeremy Piven abruptly checked out of Broadway’s Speed-the-Plow revival in late ’08, at least he was polite enough to give a health-related excuse: he’d eaten too much fish!

But Megan Mullally just bolted from Lips Together, Teeth Apart without any tummyache at all.

But apparently she DID suffer a wittle headache–either from director Joe Mantello or from someone else involved in the production, as a New York Times article reports.

Whatever the case, no one ever said life–or the rehearsal process–was a picnic, and any pro is supposed to muddle through to the opening night, smilingly take the bows, and THEN start missing performances.

The Roundabout’s artistic director says Megan is in breach of contract, so I suspect she’d better start littering her hotel with empty tuna cans in defense.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on March 25, 2010

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