New York’s Best Meatball Hero at The Meatball Shop


Here it be: the Meatball Shop’s meatball hero (click to examine more closely).

This week in Counter Culture, I intemperately declared of the Meatball Shop’s meatball sub: “The world has never known a more perfect meatball hero. ” Putting my money where my mouth is, I hereby offer visual evidence.

Raising the lid on the thing reveals high-quality real mozzarella and an engagingly chunky tomato sauce.

The bread is great, the cheese is great, the tomato sauce is great, and for the first time in meatball hero history (it ought to be a university course, right?), a great salad of baby spinach and sliced apples comes alongside.

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Three $3 sliders, with lids down…

And with lids raised (left to right: vegetarian meatballs with Parmesan cream, spicy pork with mushroom sauce, chicken with meat sauce).

The interior of the Meatball Shop, showing the wall display of meat grinders.

The unremarkable exterior of the Meatball Shop gives no hint of the mountains of ground meat you’ll find inside.

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