Raw Milkies Make Noise


The raw milk movement appears to be gaining steam, if recent articles in the Times and The Brooklyn Paper are to be believed. Proponents of the movement — called, unsubtly, raw milkies — believe milk that hasn’t been pasteurized is “nutrient dense,” to the point of being able to cure conditions from asthma to eczema. Detractors, on the other hand, warn that it can kill you.

“Raw milk is dangerous,” John Sheehan, the director of the FDA’s Division of Plant and Food Safety, is quoted as saying in the Times piece. “Avoid it all costs. Do not give it to your children.”

Meanwhile, Hannah Spring of Bay Ridge, a member of a secret raw-milk club, tells The Brooklyn Paper that drinking the stuff cured her thyroid problems, for which she no longer has to medicate.

The issue is about to get global attention at the 2nd Annual International Raw Milk Symposium in Madison, Wis. next month. Here in New York, the Weston A. Price Foundation is hosting a lecture entitled “Real Milk: What’s the Real Deal?” on March 27 at the Subud Chelsea Center. WAPF is known to be pro-raw milk, as well as pro-organic and local, but is strictly anti-vegetarian. Its website features a picture of a smiling nuclear-looking family with the caption: “They’re happy because they eat butter! They also eat plenty of raw milk, cream, cheese, eggs, liver, meat, cod liver oil, seafood, and other nutrient-dense foods.” If you’re looking for you’re own raw-milk dealer, these are the guys to hook you up.

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