Signs of Summer: The Return of the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck…and Food Truck Hate


Here’s a sure sign that warmer weather is on its way: the first of what will likely be numerous articles about restaurant owners complaining about food trucks. This one comes from the Brooklyn Paper, and concerns the Endless Summer and Van Leeuwen’s trucks parked on Bedford Avenue.

Some restaurant proprietors charged the Endless Summer truck with improperly disposing of its trash and making the neighborhood smell bad, while others blame both the truck’s tacos and Van Leeuwen’s ice cream for a downturn in business.

However, as Gothamist points out, the tension may correspond directly to location. The complaints came largely from Blackbird Cafe and New York Muffin, both of which are located across the street from Endless Summer; proprietors down the block at both Bliss and Fornino didn’t seem to have an issue with the trucks. But hey, why let little details spoil the fun of declaring the first street food fight of the summer season?

Here’s a much happier declaration: according to its website, the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck will hit the streets again on April 1, weather permitting. Co-owner Doug Quint, who also happens to be a professional bassoonist, will leave in May to do a concert in Beijing, but at the beginning of June will return to “turn on full-blazes through the summer.” And if there’s a sweeter sign of summer than flaming gay ice cream, we have yet to find it.

[Via Midtown Lunch]


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