Tickets On Sale at Noon for “Secret” Erykah Badu New Amerykah Part Two Release Party This Saturday at the Hudson Hotel’s Good Units Space


Also on the bill? Spank Rock, MNDR, and the Tony Castles, as presented by our old friends Less Artists More Condos, their Damon Dash-assisted alter ego Under 100, Under 100’s more politically correct cover name–The Dash Gallery–and the Giant Step dudes. 9pm–tickets are only available in advance, and not at the door. Good Units is an enormous and essentially vacant space beneath the Hudson Hotel that hosted a few things back in February and during fashion week; right now the gist seems to be that there’s no cell phone service down there, which people complained about during an Interview Magazine party last month but actually is probably an asset if you’re trying to make some cool new semi-covert space pop off. Otherwise it’s just Twitpics for days, right?

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