Tomorrow: Our 10 Best Sunset Park, Brooklyn, Restaurants


Tomorrow we’ll bring you our 10 favorite restaurants in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. The neighborhood’s two main drags, Fifth Avenue and Eighth Avenue, are respectively home to excellent Latin and Asian restaurants. And although Sunset Park’s Chinese restaurants don’t quite rival the best of Flushing, and the Latin restaurants don’t have the breadth of, say, those in Jackson Heights and Corona, the fact that the area has the two-in-one makes it an especially fantastic eating destination. You can munch on Fujianese oyster cakes, Sichuan braised fish, lechon, peel noodles, al pastor tortas, and banh mi, all within a few blocks.

For the purposes of our list, we’ll be defining the neighborhood as 24th Street to 65th Street, between Fourth and Ninth Avenues.

Nominations gratefully accepted in the comments.


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