Tonight! Little Dragon, Weasel Walter, And Seabears


Some combinations are undeniably gut-wrenching (like pineapple-ring sandwiches on white bread), but Swedish trio Little Dragon’s blend of r&b, atmospheric synths, and ice-cold vocals (courtesy of Yukimi Nagano, hanging out with her bandmates to your left) will produce something irresistible at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. Elsewhere, Weasel Walter, whose modus operandi is “fuck shit up,” plays No Wave-inspired free jazz at Issue Project Room. Finally, Seabears, the dream-pop septet headed by Sin Fang Bous (dubbed the Icelandic Beck by Rolling Stone) bring pristine vocals, twinkling xylophones, and other folky paraphernalia to Mercury Lounge on their first U.S. tour.

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