Another Day, Another Joe Dobias Twitter Rant


In these uncertain times, you take levity where you can find it. Which is why we’re grateful for Joe Dobias for providing it so reliably. When he’s not raging at bloggers, he’s threatening to run them over with his bicycle. This week, the contentious chef has taken to Twitter to serve up another steaming portion of discontent.

The target of his ire? Not a blogger, but an unnamed restaurant in the West Village. On March 23, Dobias tweeted: “At a place that shares half my name and absolutely nothing else. Food is a fucking joke, it angers a good chef.”

Although that twit has since been removed, he followed it up with a few more terms of endearments. “Just fucking generic slob food.” “Fucking garbage we ate was so annoying.” And the next morning, “Where we were last night. Not at a chef’s place that is for god damned sure! Food was shit and the sheep were shoveling it down! Idiots”.

Dobias wouldn’t name the restaurant (and really, given all of the hints he dropped he didn’t have to), but all but confirmed another twatter’s guess of Joseph Leonard by writing “I try not to slam by name but you were spot on.”

But at least Joseph Leonard isn’t alone in encouraging ruminant patronage. As Dobias wrote yesterday, “I will prove that sheep don’t care what they eat but who they eat with….look at the fucking bowery [sic]. Disneyland of restaurants”. Maybe so, but it has yet to produce a ride that serves up as much smack as Dobias’ Twitter feed.

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